Jennifer Kaye


Jenny is the creative mind behind, and owner of, Jennifer Kaye Photography in historic downtown Geneva, Illinois. In partnership with Cloud Nine Birth Services, Jenny offers exclusive packages that include Fresh 48 photography, as well as Newborn Photography. She also artistically portrays families’ most precious moments through Maternity, First Year and Family Photography. Her talents
bring to life a soft and ethereal style, in turn creating heirloom quality portraits for families to treasure forever. To view a variety of her incredible work and to learn more about Jenny, please visit her website at


Heather Dvorak, IBCLC

Lactation Consultant


Heather is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology. She and her husband have twin daughters and a toddler son. Heather decided to become an IBCLC after overcoming many hurdles to breastfeed her twins. Prior to opening her private practice, Heather worked with children from birth through age 3 with developmental delays and disabilities in Early Intervention for 11 years. She is particularly passionate about supporting families with multiples, premature babies, children with special needs, and children with food allergies. Heather has had the opportunity to provide breastfeeding support in an outpatient setting, postpartum unit, and a Level 3 NICU. She is passionate about assisting families in reaching their breastfeeding goals and has additional interests in nutrition, natural healthy living and natural birth. Learn more about Heather here.


Dr. Neha Shah

Chiropractor, Geneva

Dr. Shah is a board certified and licensed Chiropractic Physician. She earned her doctorate at National University of Health Sciences and continues to further her knowledge while in practice. Dr. Shah has completed advanced training for maternal health, including Webster Technique Certification. This technique allows her to optimize fetal positioning and support the mother's spine throughout pregnancy. Dr. Shah has experienced the benefits of chiropractic through her own pregnancy and the birth of her son. She has also witnessed the improvements in patients struggling with various painful conditions with limited options for relief. Over the years, Dr. Shah has found her passion in treating pre and postnatal patients. She also enjoys pediatric visits and meeting the new babies! Dr. Shah is also a qualified acupuncture practitioner and provides safe and effective treatments for pregnant women. When she's not at White Oak Family Wellness, which she co-owns with her husband, you can find her out on a trail or the park with her son. Learn more about Dr. Shah at

Dr. Cortney Bio.jpg

Dr. Cortney Weigand

Chiropractor, Naperville

Dr. Cortney is a graduate of National University of Health Sciences. She found chiropractic care after traditional allopathic medicine failed to relieve her headaches. Dr. Cortney began specializing in pregnancy during residency and continued this specialization after graduating. She created a practice primarily serving pregnancy and pediatric patients. Her passion for helping moms grew from stories she would hear from her patients. Stories of traumatic births, unsupported births, moms who felt they had no voice and moms who wanted a better option for their next pregnancy. From these same moms came her desire to help the babies and children of these birth stories. Her vision is to create a community that supports moms during their pregnancy through empowerment, inspiration, education, trust and listening.

We have a secret in our culture, it’s not that birth is painful, it’s that women are strong.
— Laura Stavoe Harm