Kelsey was recommended to us by one of her previous clients. I knew I wanted an unmedicated birth and with this being our first child, we had no idea what to expect or how to accomplish this goal. Upon meeting with Kelsey, she immediately made us feel so comfortable and I knew I needed to hire her. She has a wealth of knowledge and was able to answer all of our questions. During the final two weeks, we talked a lot about my progress and the planned induction that I was not very excited about. This completely changed my birth plan, but with Kelsey there I was sure everything would be okay. She was there for us every minute of my 10.5 hours of labor, creating a relaxing/positive environment, suggesting position changes, providing comfort for me, and guiding my husband on how he could support me as well. She even took a few pictures immediately after the birth which we will treasure forever! Kelsey is absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to anyone.
— Krystina P.
I can’t begin to thank Laura enough for the immense support that she provided to my husband and I during the planned induction of our second baby boy!

From the minute she arrived, Laura was such a calming presence. She was prepared, thoughtful and arrived exactly when we asked her to. Even before we needed her, she was also readily available via text message and email for any questions that I had.

When she arrived, she immediately went to work and offered several suggestions in ways that could help my labor progress and also ways in which I might feel more comfortable.

Laura always seemed to be one step ahead of what I needed, whether it was a sip to drink, a portable fan (because man, that pitocin made the room feel like a sauna), to hear something uplifting/positive or several hundred hip squeezes during transition, that I swear, was the only thing that got me through without any pain medication.

She was amazing. She provided support to not only me during this intensely vulnerable time, but also to my husband, allowing him to not feel so much pressure. He wasn’t alone in supporting me.
— Jessica K.
Kelsey provided us the comfort and joy we were hoping to experience with our first delivery. There is so much to know about giving birth and we truly felt informed and provided for. It made our birthing experience so much more peaceful and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend using Cloud Nine!
— Debby P.
Kelsey supported a client of mine through a long and beautiful birth. She was committed, friendly, happy, funny and a pleasure to work with. She really made us all feel like a well oiled (compassionate?) machine. I am still excited to refer her to many more clients in the future!
— Barbara B.
Kelsey was both my Bradley Method Instructor and my Doula for my first son in 2015. Her instruction in class and help leading up to the birth was amazing! I went into labor feeling as prepared as I possibly could... and then labor started! My son was born very fast and with the complications that arose, my birth plan quickly went out the window.

When Kelsey got to the hospital, my husband and I were in a bit of shock at how quickly everything was progressing, especially for a first birth. She was a wonderful, calming influence- probably more so for my husband since I was in a hormone induced haze! My son was born 2 hours after we arrived at the hospital and had to be taken directly to the NICU. Kelsey stayed, later than she needed to, to make sure I was okay and to check on my husband, who went to be with our son. She also went and spoke with my family and acted as a go between for us after the birth.

Nothing had gone as planned and having my son taken from me was scary and upsetting. Having her there, with her calm demeanor and wealth of information was extremely helpful! She followed up with texts during our NICU stay and came to check on us once we were home. She even answered nursing questions for me in the following months when it was after hours and I was in a panic!

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula. She is extremely knowledgeable and her friendly smile and calming demeanor are just what you need to help guide you through the challenging and amazing experience that is childbirth. She’s wonderful!
— Samantha R.
My husband and I were unsure if we wanted to use the services of a doula. Prior to making the decision, we had taken very detailed childbirth, newborn care, and breastfeeding classes, so we were pretty confident in the knowledge we had about childbirth. However, after asking around to others who had been through chidlbirth before, it sounded as though having a doula could only make the childbirth experience better. So, we started reaching out in the network to find a doula. We are so glad we chose to have Laura be a part of our childbirth experience. Even for those moms out there that feel they are very prepared for childbirth, as I felt I was, there are some things that you cannot prepare for. Laura was that extra set of hands that allowed my husband to center all of his focus on me. It was so great having another person in the room to help with words of encouragement and helped me remember to focus, breathe. Laura was there to help me get into labor positions, and remind us of what else we could try. We learned about so many labor options in class, but when you are actually in labor, all of that knowledge is forgotten, so having Laura there to remind us of those things was key. One of the reasons I was apprehensive to the idea of a doula at the beginning was that I was worried a doula might push their own agenda or their own beliefs, but Laura was absolutely not like that. Laura met with us prior to birth and we were able to get to know each other and she took the time to understand what our priorities, wants, and wishes were for our birth experience. She utilized that information to help us in labor, help us have the childbirth experience that we were hoping for, and was nonjdugemental and completely supportive of the choices we made. Having Laura with us made the experience more meaningful. She is kind and passionate about chidlbirth and it is refreshing having someone in the room who is so excited and interested in every aspect of birth.
— Rachelle Y.
What an amazing person Kelsey is! So supportive, kind and patient and that is exactly what you need while learning about birth and the actual birth. Kelsey leaves herself open for questions and discussions without judgement so you will always feel comfortable no matter what. HIGHLY recommend Kelsey to be by your side!
— Mailyn H.
My husband and I took the Bradley method class through Kelsey. Kelsey was a great teacher and made learning about birth a lot of fun. She definitely eased my mind and my fears. Without her wisdom and knowledge, I don’t know if I could have made it through my natural birth! During pregnancy and even after birth, she was always available and quick to answer any questions or concerns I had with being a new mom. I would definitely recommend Kelsey as an instructor and doula for anyone wanting to achieve a natural birth.
— Lexi H.
Having Ashley at my homebirth was magical. She was so kind and supportive and knew exactly what to do and say to keep me calm and focused. I am so glad I had her present. It was an experience I will never forget.
— Tabitha W.
Kelsey was amazing to work with! After bringing home my second child, I needed some support. Both emotionally, physically and keeping up with my toddler and the house. Kelsey was there to help with anything and simply be a support person as well, Her help made my transition so much easier! Highly recommend!
— Megan H.
As soon as my husband and I met Kelsey we knew she was the right person for us. We had an immediate connection, and she instantly made us feel more calm and peaceful about the birth process. She not only happily answered all of our questions, but she asked us lots of questions too about what we wanted and expected from our doula during the birth so that she could give us exactly what we needed. In addition to our prenatal and post partum visits, Kelsey was always willing to talk on the phone or via text, answering questions and concerns. She was a very peaceful and constant presence during my labor, which helped mitigate the disturbance caused by the nurses coming in and out of the room. She massaged my feet and held my hand. She was soothing and comforting. She was also a much needed force as the baby was coming – holding one leg while my husband held the other! She remained with us for at least an hour after the baby was born to make sure we were all ok, and that we were breastfeeding and bonding comfortably. I could not imagine giving birth, especially in a birth center or hospital, without a doula. Kelsey has an incredibly generous heart and mind. She has an abundance of knowledge not only regarding childbirth but in raising healthy, happy children, and she’s very happy to share what she knows. I feel so much comfort knowing that at any moment if I have a concern I can text Kelsey for a heart to heart or guidance. She’s a truly special person and a devoted and wonderful mother to her two children. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Naomi G.
I cannot say enough good things about our Doula. :) I knew from our first meeting that Kelsey was going to be a great fit on our birth team. Kelsey was warm, inviting, and it felt as though I knew her for years. She answered all my questions and believe me, I had a lot. She is very knowledgeable and you can tell she has a passion for what she does.

I knew I wanted an unmediated birth and with the help of my husband and Kelsey, I was able to achieve this goal. It was not an easy road, but the support and care that Kelsey provided to myself, and to my husband,during the birth of our little girl was phenomenal. She went above and beyond to be there emotionally and physically when we both (my husband and I) needed it the most.

I highly recommend hiring Kelsey as your Doula. We couldn’t have imagined welcoming our baby girl into this world any other way! We will be calling her for our next baby!!!
— Meghan R.

After touring our hospital, we became acutely aware of the fact that we might need a bit of support in that setting to help us stay as close to our wishes as possible.

I was a little worried about having someone new with us during such an intimate moment but after meeting Meg and Kelsey, we immediately knew hiring them was the best choice we could make for our delivery. We both felt comfortable with them from the start and it only got better from there. They’re both incredibly helpful, warm, and communicative. You can really tell this is what they are both passionate about.

When the day came for our daughter to make her entrance, Meg was just a text away. As soon as she realized how quickly things were progressing, she came right away and immediately helped me obtain the things I had asked for (mobile monitors, saline lock on the IV, etc.).

Meg patiently stood by my side and comforted me while I refused to leave the darkness of the bathroom for what was probably way too long, she gently coaxed me to eventually try new positions, and she helped to keep my husband calm and in the loop.

Throughout the labor process, Meg was our advocate, voice of reason, quiet cheerleader, coach, and friend. She brought an air of calmness to what could have been a rather overwhelming time for both me and my husband. Most importantly, Meg supported me and my decisions throughout and I will be forever grateful for that.

We didn’t know what our birth story would be like going into the experience, but now we can’t picture it without Meg there - we are so lucky to have found her (and Kelsey)!
— Jen G.
Hearing the word “doula” in our hospital labor class opened my mind to a whole new world. I didn’t know what a doula was but I was told that women tend to have better birthing outcomes when they have female support. Having the desire to have an unmedicated birth of my first child lead to my decision to search for a doula. That is when I found Meg!

Meg has been more than a female support for me. With my first birth in 2014, she helped me through prodromal labor and gave me reassurance when my birth lead to the use of pitocin. She saw the disappointment I had in myself but immediately told me it was all ok. She gave me full support when I decided, through tears, that I would use an epidural.

With my second birth in 2016, Meg told me from the beginning that it was going to be different. And she was right! She supported my decision to choose midwifery and again gave me reassurance that I can birth naturally. She was there walking the hospital halls with me. Holding my hand through the pitocin-induced contractions, she encouraged me to stay strong and birth the way I wantedu**- without an epidural. When my baby girl was born, I felt so empowered! I actually felt her being born which caused a rush of strength to flood my body. Meg praised me and shared in my joy.

Approaching my third birth in 2018, there was no question- I needed Meg there! This time, I did not need pitocin and did not need much coaching, but needed my doula for support and encouragement. I achieved my “dream” birth and felt my second baby girl being born without any use of medications. I finally did it! And not once did Meg doubt me or make me think twice about my goals.

Meg helped shape the foundation of my motherhood and was a blessing to have at each of my childrens’ births. She has always held a special place in my heart. I will forever be thankful to her for being more than a female support to me. She has since become a special friend who is always just a text away. God has truly blessed my family and I with Meg and the memories from each birth are everlasting. Any other mama is very fortunate to have Meg at their birth. We love you, Meg!
— Dana C.

With all of the unknowns that can surround pregnancy, having knowledgeable and experienced support makes all the difference. I knew I wanted a doula for my second pregnancy and not only did Meg bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to the table but her demeanor also gave me confidence as I approached “labor day.” Meg is kind, easygoing and attentive. She brought a sense of calm during an otherwise stressful situation and had a natural way of fitting right in to our team. We also used Meg for postpartum care where truly she excels. She thinks of everything - from having recommendations for frenulum doctors and lactation consultants, to bringing her own dish gloves and house shoes! With Meg’s help not only was I able to spend more time focused on my baby but she also helped me take better care of myself and my family!
— Andrea R.
Meg was such a valuable resource at the birth of our daughter! She is very experienced with labor and births, so could help advise us, along with the nurses. She is trusted by the medical staff and works well with them. She helped me stay calm throughout labor, encouraging me to breathe slow and deeply, and I knew we could trust her when she recommended different positions with the peanut ball etc. to keep labor moving along. She really helped us achieve our goal of natural childbirth without pain medications. It was so wonderful to have her there with her positive, supportive personality and knowledge of the process! It gave my husband and I a lot of confidence and reassurance. She even took amazing pictures that we never would have had otherwise. I highly recommend having a doula to support mothers and couples in the intense, incredible experience of labor and birth!
— Jennifer A.

As a mother of 3, I am no stranger to the physical and emotional demands that the early postpartum weeks bring. After the birth of our third child, my husband and I decided to enlist the help of a well-respected doula in our community. Enter Meg. She came into our home as what my husband described as “a wave of positive energy.” Every morning she came in the door with her arms outstretched, ready to receive a crying infant or hug a crying Mama.

Meg became an extension of myself, anticipating needs before I was even aware of them. She would clean the breakfast dishes, help my older kids get ready for school, rock the baby for hours on end so I could nap or shower, and the laundry? By the time Meg left, there was none. Enough said!

Meg was able to adapt (daily) to my family’s ever changing needs. Her skill set is expansive, ranging from breastfeeding support, to sleep training, birth/postpartum support and more. In the time I had her, she wore many hats, but most notably was “friend.”

You can buy all the things, read all the books, but the best gift you can give yourself is the support only a skilled doula can offer you and your family. (Seriously, find a way to add this to your baby registry!) If I could go back in time and hire Meg when I first made that transition into motherhood, I would do so in a heartbeat. But since I don’t have a time machine, I am contented spreading the word about Meg and her services. Thank you Meg! You are forever a part of our family!
— Grace P.