What Is It?

Placenta Encapsulation is the act of steaming, dehydrating and encapsulating the placenta after birth for consumption by the mother in the postpartum period. Cloud Nine offers both the Raw Method and Traditional Chinese Method as well as an add-on Tincture.

Why Consider It?

All mammalian species consume their placenta after birth and scientific evidence reveals that the human placenta is made up of numerous minerals and hormones, of specific interest is it’s high iron content and 15 hormones including progesterone.  

Anecdotal evidence proves encouraging. Many women report higher breastmilk supply, a decrease in postpartum anxiety and depression (PPA/PPD), more energy, the uterus returning to pre-pregnancy faster which shortens the length of lochia, amongst other things.

Cloud Nine Process

Placenta Encapsulation can be a stand-alone service or can be added on to other services we offer such as a doula package or childbirth education.

After signing a contract, you will receive a kit in the mail including a cooler, ziplock bags and detailed instruction which you will bring to the birth place. You (or your Cloud Nine doula) can provide a heads up to the placenta encapsulation specialist when you are in active labor. Following the instructions properly, at the time of birth you will store the placenta on ice or in a refrigerator and contact the specialist for pick-up. Your placenta will be processed and returned back to your birth place or home within 48-72 hours.