Moms on a Mission

By Amy Mason
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Welcome to the Cloud Nine Baby Planning blog! We are so glad you stopped by! There is a lot in store for you but first we want to share our vision with you.

We are Moms on a Mission! We believe that Motherhood is a Sisterhood and that as women, we need each other on this journey of mothering. If you are a mom or mom-to-be, you need to know we are on your side! Our mission is to provide a place where you can find both support and practical advice to help you thrive as a mom. Our desire is to come alongside you and be your cheerleaders, and your fellow travelers in this great adventure of Motherhood.

Becoming a mother is one of life’s most beautiful experiences but it can also be overwhelming. Although most moms will say they don’t believe in a Supermom, many of us find ourselves still striving to be her. Here at Cloud Nine, we are real moms with real kids. Both Tina and I have all boys so you can bet we have our share of crazy! We don’t claim to be perfect and perfection is not our goal. Our goal is to love motherhood, and to help others love motherhood too. We aim to embrace our beautiful children and our important role in their lives, to laugh at the mess, and give each other permission to drink wine at 3 pm if necessary. You can learn more about Tina and Amy here.

Amy and Tina, circa 1999

Amy and Tina, circa 1999

Tina and I been the dearest of friends for over 20 years! We are excited to bring this blog to you from a place of friendship, and invite you stay connected here for lots of laughs, amazing stories, and practical tips to help you thrive. Stay tuned for lots of practical posts from Tina including baby care tips, postpartum care for mom and baby, and her favorite baby gear picks. We also want address other areas of motherhood such as mommy guilt, what real moms look like, nutrition, and special need parenting.

We are so honored you stopped by!

In it together,